Jessica Law – AquaArtist

Law, an enthusiast of modern water ink paintings, is an AquaArtist who draws heavy inspiration from the artistic creativity of the French. Having spent two years in the heart of France, Law often immerses herself in her memories of Parisian architecture, art, and culture to further her own artistic development.

Law is a novel abstract expressionist artist who distinguishes herself in the modern water ink community by painting vivid colours with extensive shades of ink. Combined with unique composition skills that she utilizes in her paintings, Law’s works tend to touch the minds of those who see it, and evoke feelings of awe, spirituality, and connection.

AquaArtist’s inspiration

Law’s main muse in the art she makes is water itself, a fascination which comes from its versatility: the unique shapes, colours, and forms it can take compel Law to continue creating, connecting her to her audience and inspiring them with every illustration she makes.

Law utilizes her strong sense of colour, ink and dynamic composition to express her most joyful moments at the canvas, and share her thoughts and feelings with her audience. When composing a piece of art, she focuses on bringing out the positive energy that her everyday life makes her feel, aiming to bring the same joy to every viewer who comes across her works.

From modern water ink paintings to acrylic on canvas, Law’s choice of medium tends to vary—though the type of media she is drawn to the most would have to be multimedia on canvas. In her multimedia artworks, Law blends 3D effects onto her paintings—traditional methods merging with modern technology: an innovative fusion she brings to life in the modern water ink community.

Design corner

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